5 Ways to Surprise & Delight Your Customers & Followers



Last year, I listened to an episode of The Smart Passive Income Podcast by Pat Flynn (Episode 310), that talked about the value of surprising and delighting your customers as a way to convert them into superfans. Superfans love what you do, value your work, and can’t wait to tell others about you. They support you and help your business to grow.

I’ve definitely become a superfan of some people. For example, I am a superfan of the blogger Joanna Goddard. Five years ago, I was a new mom, struggling with all the changes and challenges of motherhood, when I came across her blog. She was also a mom of young children and her experiences and kind tone were so reassuring and really resonated with me. Her posts were engaging, entertaining, informative, and interesting. But beyond that, she did something that completely surprised and delighted me - converting me into a loyal fangirl.

Surprise & Delight

Surprising and delighting your customers/followers refers to doing unexpected things that show you care about and appreciate them. These unanticipated, positive moments surprise, delight and give your customers “warm fuzzies” that instill brand loyalty and the desire to continue following, supporting and telling others about you.

I’m sure you can think of times when someone has done something for you that was unexpectedly wonderful and now every time you think of them, you’ve got all these warm feelings and good thoughts.

Becoming a Superfan

I’ll give one example of how the blogger Joanna surprised and delighted me.

Around the time I began reading her blog, she had a special series about motherhood around the world. It was eye-opening for me. As a first time mom, I was always questioning everything I did and feeling so insecure about my parenting decisions.

Seeing how other moms parented differently around the world, helped me to realize that there is more than one “right” way to parent. It gave me confidence to approach motherhood in a way that felt right to me, even if it was different from others around me.

Filled with gratitude for this beautiful, inspiring series, I sent her an email thanking her. I didn’t expect a reply - I was sure she got a million of reader emails a day. But surprisingly, she responded back with the sweetest, personal, heartfelt email. I was delighted and so appreciated her kind words of encouragement.

She took the time out of her busy schedule to respond to me. Megan. Mom of a newborn on the other side of the country whom she’s never even met.

I was surprised and delighted.

And from then on I was a superfan.

I’ve read her blog pretty much on the daily for the past 5 years.

If I miss a post, I make sure to go back and get all caught up. I comment. I subscribe. I follow on social media. I like all the posts. I watch all the stories. I use her affiliate links. I check out the products she recommends. I share my favorite posts with my friends and family and I tell everyone about her blog.

I am loyal. I wish her all the best and success in life. I want everyone to experience the joy she has brought to my life.

Superfan Customers

My favorite thing is when customers love their experience working with me and feel my appreciation.

I love when customers know I really value their business and am so grateful that they chose me to build their website.

When customers feel confident in referring their friends and family to me because they trust me to do a great job and give their loved ones a positive web design experience.

Surprising and delighting my customers is just one way I like to help my customers feel appreciated and have a more positive experience working with me. So for this post, I wanted to share five ways that you can surprise and delight your customers or followers.

5 Ways to Surprise & Delight Your Customers & Followers

1. Respond to comments on your blog or social Media

When someone takes the time to respond to one of your blog or social posts, take the time to respond back! It makes them feel heard and appreciated.

2. Send a personal note

A personal, thoughtful email response (like Joanna’s in the example I shared before) or thank you note is a great way to surprise and delight your customers.

Handwritten notes via snail mail is another way to surprise and delight your customers. I feel like it’s rare to receive a personal, handwritten thank you note in the mail, which makes it more exciting and surprising!

For example, one time, I won an Instagram giveaway from this toy company.

Which was already super cool.

But, then they went the extra mile by writing a personal, sweet, handwritten note to accompany it. I’ve won giveaways in the past, and they were fun, but this handwritten note was just so lovely that I became a converted, loyal follower right away.

Now, I tell lots of people about this little toy company and even featured them on my Instagram. All because of a sweet, unexpected, handwritten note.

3. Comment on the posts of your followers

I got this tip from Pat Flynn in the podcast episode I mentioned previously. When he was first starting out, whenever someone commented on his blog, he would go to the blog of that commenter (if they had one.) He would read their most recent post and give a thoughtful, relevant response in their comments. He got lots of emails thanking him for commenting on their blog, so it seems it was appreciated!

4. Host giveaways

As companies grow, personal messages and thank notes and comments to all of your followers/customers gets a little tricky. Hosting giveaways are a great scalable way to surprise and delight your customers!

For example, the jewelry company Sarah Briggs, hosts a small giveaway EVERY day on their Instagram. It is so fun and generous! It keeps people engaged and following along.

Her giveaways have made me a superfan of the brand! I’ve already ordered a beautiful pair of earrings and can’t wait to add to my collection!

5. Provide valuable FREE content

Another scalable option is to provide free, informative, valuable content. I am subscribed to Ashlyn Carter of ashlynwrites.com email list and everything she sends is chock-full of helpful information! She also has a blog and Youtube channel where she shares very applicable, helpful content. Sometimes I wonder, how is all this helpful content free?

Pat Flynn and Paige Brunton are other examples of people that share tons of valuable content for free!  Free AND surprisingly useful content, definitely help to build brand loyalty and fandom!

Surprise & Delight

I hope these tips encourage you to do something unexpected for your customers or followers that show them you care and appreciate them. It doesn’t have to be some grand gesture, just something to create a positive, unexpected moment. Good luck surprising and delighting your people!


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