The Tools I Use & Love



For beautiful, user-friendly websites. This is the platform I use for my own website and for my clients' websites. (They offer a two-week free trial to test it out first.)


For domains. You can actually register your domain through Squarespace, which I recommend for my clients. But, if you decide to build a custom site from scratch and self-host, I use and recommend GoDaddy. 



For managing your business and making it more efficient, I personally use and LOVE Dubsado. I use it for:

  • Client contracts they can E-sign

  • Pay-online invoices

  • Client work-flows

  • Managing client emails, questionnaires, content all in one spot

  • Client portals where they can access all of the docs pertaining to their project

  • Managing leads

  • Tracking income and expenditures

  • Task lists, task boards, and task automations

I love this software and use it constantly to make my business efficient and provide a better client experience. It syncs with my Google Calendar, Gmail, and Stripe. It also syncs with Quickbooks. As an admin girl at heart, with over 10 years experience working in various administrative positions, I know a good business management tool when I see one! 

(*They offer a free trial to check it out before subscribing and if you use my link to sign up, you will get 20% off your first month of a paid subscription!)


For professional domain email, calendar, Google Docs word processor, Google Drive file storage, and more! I use this all day!

PS - For my clients and other Squarespace users, I recommend signing up for G Suite through Squarespace to receive the first year of G Suite free (if you're on an annually paid business/online store plan). 

PPS - Don't have Squarespace, but still want a discount on G Suite? Subscribe to my E-Newsletters and get 20% off the first year!





The industry-standard design tool for professional designers. Non-professionals can use it of course, but you may need to take an online course or watch some tutorials to get the hang of it. While it can be tough to figure out the software at first, it really is so versatile! I mostly use the Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop apps.



This is a great online program for businesses to create beautiful graphics and designs, even if you don't have a design background. While Adobe is more versatile and technical, Canva is so easy and simple to use!



For beautiful graphics, textures, patterns, fonts and more! I love incorporating design elements from other talented designers into my website designs.

*This page includes affiliate links. When you purchase something using that link, I make a commission at no extra cost to you. That being said, I only recommend the products/software/services that I personally use myself and would recommend to my friends! Thank you for helping me support my family as I help support your growing business!