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20 Ways to Improve Your Client Experience

My favorite way to get new clients is through referrals. I am over-the-moon ecstatic when my clients had a great experience working with me, and then told all their friends to hire me. ;) I love my clients and chances are good that I’ll like their friends too! As a kid, I was taught: “Do what you love, the very best you can, and people will come”….

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5 Ways to Surprise & Delight Your Customers & Followers

Last year, I listened to an episode of The Smart Passive Income Podcast by Pat Flynn (Episode 310), that talked about the value of surprising and delighting your customers as a way to convert them into superfans. Superfans love what you do, value your work, and can’t wait to tell others about you. They support you and help your business to grow. So today, I’m sharing 5 ways to surprise & delight your followers & customers…

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